About Fiona

I can’t imagine life without being around plants and trees, flowers and bees. Whenever I see beauty in a landscape or in a petal, I feel the need to photograph it. I just need to so I can feel even more inspired by its form.

I live in the countryside, and in my spare time I’m out and about exploring this glorious Earth we live on.

I’m a member of the Garden Media Guild, and the Professional Garden Photographers Association.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years, doing weddings, landscapes, plants, and gardens.

I provide garden imagery for magazines, imagery for gardeners, and for garden designers.

This was taken on one of my photography commissions! (not at a garden of course!) Surreal.

Get in touch for a quote and tell me about your project. I love working with garden designers, or publications, or anything related.

07790 838589


Published Work

Bloom Magazine – Nettles.

Bloom Magazine – Willow.

Coast Magazine – 6 page feature

Exmoor Magazine