The About Page.

         HELLO I’M FIONA   

      I can’t imagine life without being around plants and trees, flowers and bees.

      Whenever I see beauty in a landscape or in a petal, I feel the need to photograph it. I just need to so I can feel even more inspired by its form, and take on a new perspective of it.

      How long have I been a photographer? Hmm I stopped counting at 15 years, so I’d say photography is with me for life, especially gardens and landscapes. I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for a large part of that.

      I’m a member of the Garden Media Guild, and the Professional Garden Photographers Association. I recently became a finalist in the GMG award for Portfolio of the year, and just this year received a Commended from the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition.

      So if you’re looking for garden imagery, whether that be for magazines, for your garden, maybe you’re a garden designer; you won’t find anyone more passionate than me.

      I have a drone too, which can make your garden stand out more than the rest, or simply to see it from another perspective.


      IGPOTY breathing spaces
      Awarded ‘Commended’ in the Breathing Spaces category with the IGPOTY 2023 (International Garden Photographer of The Year)


      What’s the process?

      Essentially, we have a chat about what you’d like, and then plan a date! But, the weather is always changeable so it’s good to have a few dates in the week that would suit so we can choose that day depending on the weather.

      We’ll need sunshine, and either sunrise or sunset. That’s what gives us that quality golden light.

      You don’t need to be there. Just give me instructions of how to get there/in.

      Afterwards, I’ll edit those photos, and then send you a link where you can download those images. We’ll discuss the usage of those images, but generally the images are licensed for your website and social media etc. If they’re to be used in the press, a fee will need to be discussed between myself and the publication.

      By default, I can use the images for marketing purposes, which enables me to find people like you to work with, and can sell them on websites like

      garden photographer pricing fiona walsh


      Garden photography pricing


      1 hour £150 / additional hour £80

      Half a day (2-4 hrs) £350

      Full day (8 hrs) £650


      Drone stills (1 battery usage, 20 mins) £100

      Garden highlights film – using ground footage, and drone footage where possible £250

      Published Work

      Bloom Magazine – Nettles.

      Bloom Magazine – Willow.

      Coast Magazine – 6 page feature

      Exmoor Magazine