Landscape & Travel Photography. Devon, Somerset, and Hawaii! Prints Available.

      2019 was a great year as I got to go to Hawai’i! As a landscape photographer you can imagine what it was like to be shooting such travel photos. What a place!

      It did also remind me how beautiful our own counties are. Devon and Somerset are stunning in their own right, you can see in the photos!

      Last year we had that snow in Feb and March. I got the drone up too and was in awe at the landscape I’m walking on. Our land looks so peaceful from up there. Here’s a 1 minute video I made from the drone, take a look!

      Then we had a wonderful hot summer. My vegetables did well! Try growing vegetables, it really is underestimated! From placing a tiny seed with some soil and water, the magnificence of life pops out and grows an incredible plant with fruit hanging off it! Magic.

      If you enjoy the photos, please let me know with a ‘like’ and a ‘share’. Hawaii videos at the bottom.

      photos © Fiona Walsh Photography


      • DJI Mavic Pro 2:
      • GoPro 9:
      • Nikon D750: