Frances Tophill’s Show Garden wins at BBC Gardeners World Live

      Another glorious garden show, full of everything us plant-obsessed people could want. This time, one of the show gardens was by Frances Tophill, all about sustainability. It was her first one and she won platinum for it! Well done to all the team at Keyscape Gardens, Ruth for mentoring her, all the people who helped build it and supply the plants.

      What a unique and imaginative design, something of interest and inspiration everywhere you look. An iron shed, Belfast sinks, a bug hotel, reclaimed windows, native hedges, medicinal plants. All designed to encourage the habitat of wildlife. She’ll be donating the garden to the Foleshill Community Centre too.

      You can read all about her garden from the press release here. From that article, quoting from BBC Gardeners World, Frances says:

      “I’m tremendously excited to be creating my first Show Garden at BBC Gardeners’ World
      Live, especially in the 100th anniversary year of the BBC”. Frances continues “My garden design shows
      how plants and wildlife can soften even the most industrial of spaces – the boundaries between
      manmade and the living world blurs as natural forces are allowed back in, to take charge. I hope that
      visitors come away from the garden with a lasting impression of the wonders of what nature can do
      given the chance to recover”.

      gardeners world photographer

      See photos from BBC Gardeners World Live Show, with behind the scenes images, and lovely plant photos: