Garden Photographer Fiona Walsh Visits The Garden House Devon

      If you take a walk into The Garden House, you won’t be disappointed. And if a garden photographer, Somerset & Devon, says so, then it must be good. Bursts of colour everywhere, like a rainbow had fallen on the garden.

      A house was originally built on the grounds for the local priest in 1305, and those ruins can be seen in the garden today. A modern vicarage was built in 1920’s and The Garden House was sold. To quote from their website:

      “The house and gardens that form The Garden House were bought in the 1940s by Lionel and Katharine Fortescue. Over the next 40 years the Fortescue’s created a garden which was – and continues to be – viewed as one of the finest in Britain. By 1961 they had established the Fortescue Garden Trust, an independent registered charity, to which they bequeathed the house and garden to ensure the survival of this beautiful place for future generations. After their deaths in the 1980s ownership passed to the charity, which maintains the Fortescues’ lovely legacy. Today, a board of Trustees oversees The Garden House and actively seeks support to fulfil its objectives.”

      Lionel appointed a head gardener, Keith Wiley, who was to spend 25 years designing the garden and enlarging it, before he left in 2003.” Today, Nick Haworth has cared for the garden since 2013.

      In the imagery below, you’ll see some shots from the air, taken by my drone, and from the ground.



      You can learn more here on their website: