Autumn Landscape Photos UK


      Each autumn I get super excited to take a visit to NT Stourhead in Wiltshire. I highly recommend it! It’s a landscape photographers dream, so many colours, shapes, and light patterns, oh so many compositions to do! Actually it’s a human beings dream because it’s just glorious, peaceful, and awe-inspiring. I always find that description to be true of trees no matter the season.

      The first image in this set is the Tulip Tree which was planted in the 1890’s, a fact I just learned from Stourhead gardener, Alan. It’s mighty tall and mighty strong! I love reflecting on just how much life it’s seen. People have been and gone, seasons have passed many times, and to me this tree is a great majestic example of resilience and strength.

      I was seeing photos to take everywhere, I also remembered to actually just stop and take it in. Being mindful is a great technique to use to bring you into the present moment. It’s in the present moment that we can really leave behind worries of the past or of the future; it’s a feeling of being out of clock time.

      When you’re noticing all the details of the bark, and the shapes, the touch of the leaves, you’re not likely to be ruminating about a worry at the same time. As I was photographing the red acer tree there was a man touching the bark and looking up. When he saw me he exclaimed, “I mean, oh man, you just can’t get any purer than this!”.

      As you get half way around the lake at Stourhead National Trust there’s a little cottage house, and to our delight there was man inside selling hot tea and scrummy biscuits. Last year I remember them also selling mulled wine.

      I wasn’t expecting it to be a starry night, can you believe the magic of the day with the skies being clear into the night. I didn’t have my proper tripod with me for astrophotography but I did have the gorillapod, which is a grippy tripod and that worked fine. Taking star photos is one of my passions, I often head out in the night in Somerset or Devon capturing photos of the twinkly stars above. This time though I wasn’t prepared with my warm shoes and a flask of tea, but I just stayed out anyway, I knew it was far too special to head home without doing some astrophotography uk.

      All of these photos are for sale. Just click over to the home page where you’ll see the shop.

      Please do like and share this post if you enjoyed it. My goal has always been to help people feel good, and in the photos I take I see so much beauty which I think can bring on a feeling of awe, peace, and joy. That’s a good thing 🙂


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