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      Autumn From The Air


      Landscape Photography on the Hills of the Quantocks, Somerset.

      One of the reasons I love being a landscape photographer in Somerset and Devon is because of the chase to take a photo that gives us a different perspective. Using my drone allows me to offer just one more new perspective. Isn’t this just stunning; autumn from the air. We get a chance to see many colours work together to give us that sense of fascination with nature. I think it is that sense which brings about appreciation and in turn some peace. Afterall, we can’t feel negative at the same time as being grateful surely.

      I love shooting forests that have paths in them, it kind of takes us on a journey and we almost want to jump into the image and be on that path. What’s around the corner if we walked along it, where will it take us, and what will be discover on the way. I think there’s a lot to be said about mindfulness when it comes to landscape and nature photography. In the process of photographing we are looking at details; colours, shapes, light and dark. Studying the details allows us to be present and being present is the only true way we physically live; in the now. Be present now so you don’t miss your day.

      These shots were taken on the Quantock Hills, in Somerset, UK. They are available to order if you’d like them on your walls!

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      A screenshot showing support from BBC Earth and David Attenborough 🙂




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      Prints are available to buy, just go back over to the home page.



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