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      My Springtime Photos in Somerset, UK.

      This period is definitely a trying time. Challenges are felt all across the globe. But there’s always silver linings to be found, and quite frankly that’s all we have control over. So let’s grab it by the horns and fight with determination to be optimistic, kind, and grateful whenever possible. Gratitude is a secret weapon because it actually transports you to a really peaceful feeling.

      Start from the moment you open your eyes. Notice yourself in the present moment and just be with your breathing, just follow it in and follow it out. Do what you need in order to make yourself in the here and now, about to live this day. We may be in lockdown but that doesn’t mean we have to treat it like we’re waiting. It is still a day in our lives we can’t get back. It’s not a matter of ‘make the most of it’, as though you’re resigned to this day. It’s a matter of adjusting and accepting this new ‘normal’, because the sooner you do the more chance you won’t miss this day. “This is my day, and I am strong and determined”.

      #vitaminN has been trending on Twitter this week. YES! N for nature. People are turning to nature and it warms my heart to see it get the respect it deserves. I’m a nature girl at heart and during my days editing at home I’ve made nature my companion. I care for it and it gives me plenty back in return.

      That quote “stop and smell the roses” seems quite prevalent now. For it gives us that sense of a wise person telling us to stop and slow down, notice the beauty in the world around you and let it bring you calm. Now we literally have to stop, but can I give you a nudge to smell the roses whilst you stop?

      I’ve been making the most of my garden and my daily walks to not only photograph such beauty I see, but appreciate every single part of nature. One of the silver linings is that it’s spring. OK, I know it makes us want to be going to lovely places, but would you rather lockdown during the cold dark months? Perhaps you’re a winter person, but think about it, you might not witness that warm light on the daffodils, and those buds opening up, you might not be able to sit and have a cup of tea in your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and watch the bumbles or the breeze sway your tulips. I know not everyone minds the winter (that season also brings beauty), but I’m finding spring a blessing and I just wanted to share something upbeat.

      There are always so many hundreds of ways of looking at something and I appreciate that there are downsides to the warmer weather, such as people still crowding the parks. But look, let’s take what we got and see what good there is, for our own sense of wellbeing.

      I bring my camera and shoot some beauty as I walk past many displays of magnificence. I don’t stop for long, just a brief snap and a ‘wow’ and move on. Someone said the other day, “have you noticed the bees are so much bigger this year?”. What a lovely observation. There’s so much birdsong to hear as well.

      Here are my photos. So far. Please keep checking in to see more. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posting photos too.

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