Mynydd Mawr – September

      This one is not to be missed and we’ll definitely be doing this mountain again. I’d say it was a highlight of the year for me, the views are just awe-inspiring. Even the start of the walk is thoroughly good for the soul as it includes a walk through Beddgelert Forest. Breathing in that pine smell from the wise trees standing tall around you, looking into the distance and seeing mountains strong and resilient, you can feel at peace along this track.

      From the higher grounds you can see the Nantlle Ridge, Y Garn, Moel Eilio, and on a clear day you can see all the way over to Anglesey Island and the lush Newborough beach that cuddles it.

      There were quite a few “wow”‘s from us when we walked along Craig y Bera at the top. As you walk further along, it delivers spectacular views through craggy cliffs, and you just want to sit and look for hours. As we munched away at our sandwiches we studied the hills and ridges in the distance, and felt like we’d stepped out of ‘clock world’ for a while, re-connecting with being alive in this and only this day.

      We followed the walk from a Snowdonia book, which ended up leading us into trouble at the end, so I thought I’d help you guys by telling you the route we took and the route not to take (on the descent)!

      *disclaimer. This is just a guide to help you become familiar with the walk, I am not responsible for any injury etc caused from following this blog.

      1. Park outside the Cwellyn Arms pub in Rhyd-Ddu. Take the road behind it (the B4418). In about 150m turn right down the forest track. Enjoy the forest, the mountains, and views onto Llyn Cwellyn.
      Beddgelert Forest
      Views of Moel Eilio
      Looking behind me as I walked along the path

      2. After about 3/4 mile bear left when you see a signed footpath which ascends into the forest.

      Bear left

      3. This incline reaches a ‘stile’, though it’s more a fence to climb over. Climb over and turn right, towards the ascent to Foel Rudd.

      Views of Y Garn in the distance and Moel Hebog in the foreground

      4. Keep going up the steep hill to get to the top of Foel Rudd. The views before you even get to the top are worth stopping for.

      Walking onwards from Foel Rudd, along a pretty heather filled path. Remember to look back, you’ll get views of Snowdon.

      5. You made it to the top of Foel Rudd! Off you go! Walk along the ridge to get to the summit of Mymndd Mawr. Not just yet though! Take your time, stop and sit to take in the landscapes below. I always notice people come and go pretty quickly on these walks, what a shame!

      6. This was the epic lunch spot we found with views over the Nantlle Ridge and the pastures below. Seriously, what a beautiful planet we live on. This kind of walk reminds you that life is beautiful. Be careful not to think the news is the one and only view of what life on this planet is like. Sit, breath slowly, and feel part of the Earth.

      7. The summit of Mynydd Mawr!

      8. The descent is just back along the route you came up. We’ve yet to discover some alternatives.

      However, the book we followed made us very cross! We took the option the book offered us to descend via a pathless route down Cwm Planwydd, off the crest of Craig y Bera. This is a dangerous route, and I think it should only be for people who are experienced, fit and healthy, and who want an adventure. The book had a lot missing in its description so we weren’t prepared to deal with a lot of it. The route takes you down ravines and scrabbly rocks. From the photos it looks pretty and easy, just be aware that’s it not!

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