a sunflower farm at Thurluxton Farm near Taunton, Somerset

      Just for one weekend Thurloxton Farm, Somerset, opened it’s ‘doors’ to the public, and allowed people to walk through the fields picking their own sunflowers! Entry cost £5 and 100% of the money went to Kidney Research UK.

      A sunflower field is something many of us wish we could get the chance to see, me included! I was thrilled to discover it and found the experience incredible. Standing right in the middle of 7 million sunflowers was a boost to the spirit, for sure! The sun was shining too and everywhere I looked were big bountiful yellow flowers.

      It also gave me the chance to get my camera out and shoot some landscape photography. Somerset is a beautiful county, nestled against Devon, and sharing the same northern coastline. This farm gave me the chance to combine my all time favourite things to photograph – flowers and landscapes!

      Whoever named them “sunflower” was spot on. They look like the sun, their petals are likes rays of light, and how cute to see them all facing the same way – towards the sun!

      One of my favourite moments was walking through the field with a sunflower in my hand, and on it was a small fluffy bee. It was gorgeous. I felt like a child holding a lolly pop or a balloon!

      I’m going to keep the seeds and grow loads in my garden next year. The bees and I will be most grateful.

      ‘Likes’ and shares are cool 🙂

      Here’s a bee at work..

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