Epic Sunset Photos at Lake Windermere & Mountain Hikes on Blencathra

      There’s something that’s so good for the soul when you witness a sunset isn’t there. It’s so amazing that each one is different, even when you watch it in the same place. This set of photos from the Lake District just blew me away. Especially as I edited them 6 months after I took them, which meant I’d actually forgotten that I was there seeing this. Thank goodness for cameras. Landscape photography uk really helps to connect with a sense of peace, awe, and gratitude. It reminds us just how epic this life on earth really is.

      The lapping of the water was gentle, the colours of the sunset so warm, the scene was so still. It got me thinking just how much of a great experience it is to be still, especially by a lake at sunset, right? Try going somewhere you love and just be still, be aware of stillness, aware of the details in the scene around you. When you start looking it’s amazing what you see around you, what you didn’t notice because you were so busy.

      Travel and landscape photography allows me to see the world with new eyes, like a child. I get to pause and reflect on the scene again and remember I was lucky once to be in a place of such natural beauty.

      Enjoy these landscape photos from the Lake District, and if you like them please do like and share them. Prints are also available.

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